Book of the Month: Onward by Howard Schultz

Onward is an incredible book describing in fantastic detail the decisions and reasoning Schultz left Starbucks and rejoined in one of the worst economic times in history. As Starbucks and the economy began to spiral down, Schultz brought together a team, new products, and re-imagined the future of Starbucks taking hints from its past. Trying to please shareholders, employees (or partners), and customers is an incredibly difficult balance to maintain all while the press and media are trying to find anything wrong with your business to bring about a story.

Favorite quote of the book: “Leadership is all about instilling confidence in others.”

I would recommend this book to anyone interested in tough business decision making and learning how to move forward without leaving behind the past. When you think you’ve hit a dead end, perseverance will always be key in any success you will have.

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