Book of the Month: Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher & William Ury

January 2, 2017

Book of the Month: Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher & William Ury is a fantastic read about negotiation tactics in every situation and what I believe is essential when discussing partnerships, business and life. Based on the Harvard Negotiation Project, this book universally applicable methods for reaching solutions between parties and provides step by step breakdowns of various scenarios. Separating the people from the problem, sitting on the same side of the table, focusing on interests not positions and creating solutions that may not be on the table are all great tactics outlined in this book.

Favorite quote of the book: “If you want someone to listen and understand your reasoning, give your interests and reasoning first and your conclusions or proposals later.”

I would recommend this book to anyone who does not like negotiations, whether it be rent changes with a landlord or salary discussion for a new job. Getting to Yes makes these conversations tangible and easier to understand when coming to a solution to a problem! Good luck out there!



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