Book of the Month: The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

At first this book seemed a little cheesy with the “forget everything you know” type of quotes and Tim remarking how he is a world class dancer, martial artist, Best Selling author, etc, it came off as a self-promotion book instead of a how to make your life better book. Big thanks to James Bryant, since he told me to stick with it as it gets better (he was right). Tim reminds you there are multiple ways to get paid and working at a job you don’t like for 40 years so you can retire at 65 isn’t really the ideal outcome for the single life we have. He describes in detail many ways to get your life back and turn it into the adventure that it is. Automating your business, taking mini retirements, and working remotely are a few ways to recapture your sanity and he gives you step by step and scripted conversations on how to get there. I would recommend this book to people going to jobs they don’t enjoy and are living for the weekend (which is only two sevenths of your life). Life is much more than a paycheck (although it does help), it should be enjoyed thoroughly and lived to the fullest.

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