Book of the Month: David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell

Malcom Gladwell did it again! “David and Goliath” was the book of the month that was near impossible to put down. This book illustrates the illusions we may succumb to when facing an opponent (who can sometimes be ourselves) and how “underdogs” may have the upper hand and why “giants” aren’t as big as they seem. Gladwell references the actual David and Goliath tale, why public school may be a better choice vs an ivy league school and the excessive use of police force in the US. Although David was smaller than Goliath, he was deadly with a slingshot as they were used as a primary long range weapon with extreme accuracy while Goliath was most likely better at up close hand to hand combat. Goliath never stood a chance. In an ivy league school, you may end up being a small fish in a big pond vs a public school where you can stand out and be a big fish in a small pond. Excessive use of police force without authority while seemingly may cause submission of the public will only cause rebellion and retaliation no matter how militarized or armored the police may become.

Favorite quote of the book: “What is learned out of necessity is inevitably more powerful than the learning that comes easily.”

I would recommend this book to anyone giving themselves excuses to why they are not able to accomplish something or (like myself) gives other people excuses as to why they are successful while you’re still treading water. Example: “This person was successful because their parents are X or they grew up in Y or they are just better at doing Z.” Stop making excuses, make a plan and execute. This book is awesome!

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