BOTM: Boss Life by Paul Downs

July 1, 2017


Boss Life is one of the better entrepreneurial books I have digested since it puts a very real lens on the hardships of owning a business, making the tough decisions and all of the personal life that happens in your “free time”. Making merger decisions, hiring/firing, building your brand, should more be spent on ads or sales, you name it and Downs has put his experience on it.  There is still a very real view of business owners as highly successful or being very rich when their company is bringing in $1M+ per year. Downs shows you that with that millions comes business expenses, lawsuits, losses, and sustaining employees and their families.


I recommend this book for people looking to go from a hobby of making money on the side to running a business supporting employees. Always be open to new information and ideas while sticking with your goals. Keep moving forward!



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