BOTM: Purple Cow by Seth Godin

"Being Safe Is Risky!"

BOTM Purple Cow by Seth Godin is a great business book that has a lot of similarities to Blue Ocean Startegy. It is more non technical and a little easier to digest for the general public. Purple Cow is about creating a business/product/service that is remarkable and not just a little better than the competition or previous versions. This book is significantly relevant right now since there are many extremely similar companies that offer the same services and prices as their competitors while trying to grab the same customers. This only leads to customers price shopping, if everyone is going to offer the same thing, might as well find the cheapest option right? The tough part about creating a purple cow is that the majority of people are not going to like it. AND THAT’S OKAY! You want to find that very small market, own it, and expand outward. An example of this is Tesla. They didn’t try and compete with the whole auto industry at first, they went for a very niche market that wanted, expensive, all electric, sports cars. Then slowly (seems quickly though) expanded to wider and wider markets. If they tried to go into the broad market, they would have met failure like every other electric car company.

Favorite quote: “In your career, even more than for a brand, being safe is risky. The path to lifetime job security is to be remarkable.”

This book is recommended to people looking to take risks but making excuses not to. It’s going to feel uncomfortable, some people will hate it, some people will love it. Find the people that love it.

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