Why I turned down a $90k per year job

Can't take it with you when you're gone! There are circumstances where taking a job solely based on the income makes sense. You have a family to feed, high medical debts, restricted opportunities (ex-cons, disability, etc.), but this is not the majority of Americans!

Why is it that recent college grads resort to taking any job from a corporation that sounds appealing working on marginal projects that don't help the community, a cause and most cases not even themselves. Working your way up the corporate ladder will not bring happiness. Sure the money gets a little better but so does an increase on your spending habits. "Income Creep" as I've heard it called. With no end in sight, you work for the company, make some money in hopes to gain happiness or fulfillment oftentimes with great ideas of your own and a savings account that's burning a hole in your pocket for the next iPhone.

Back to this $90k job. It looked promising! Young company, new city, great pay and you can bring your dog to work! But what is the focus of the company? What change is it trying to make in the world, how are you apart of that and how do you make it your own? These were questions the company couldn't answer. They were (still are) a money making machine! But that was the only focus, money. There are millions of ways to make money. What are you going to do to make it, how will it help you in your goals and what do you want to do with the money? Making money for money's sake is not a sustainable way to live. You find yourself with a case of the "Mondays", blowing your paycheck on the latest trends (shoes, furniture, phones) in this endless cycle to find happiness while living for 2 days a week, which is only 2/7 of your life. So you're living for this 2/7 (about 29% of your life). Of this 29%, you spend 16 hours of it asleep (about 30% of the 29%) which leaves you with 19% of your life you are awake and loving! Less than 20% of your life!!

It is (somewhat) safe. You can work with people your age, as everyone gets older and moves up with you. Get married, buy a house, have kids, to the grave you go. Where is the adventure, the contribution to society, the growth? If someone asks you what your favorite part of your life is, what are you going to say? What about the favorite part of your work? If it is the money. You ain't living!

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