BOTM: Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss

November 12, 2017


“It’s far better for a man to go wrong in freedom, then to go right in chains”.


BOTM (read over the course of a year) is Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss. Thank you for the recommendation @tony. Never have I learned so much from one book, this thing is incredible. Taking tactics, routines and habits from hugely successful people across 3 divisions of wealth, health and wisdom in 600 pages is a lot of info.  The amount of knowledge and learning from this book is above anything I can put in one report. The top 3 that have changed my life are:

  1. “Practice going first” – Gabby Reece. This means anytime you have the opportunity to smile, say “hi” or reach out to someone you’ve been wanting to, do it first. Be first! This puts more control in your hands instead of hoping that person will reach out to you or afraid there might be awkwardness. BE FIRST!

  2. Mediation and journaling. I started doing this last year and oh boy, has it changed my life. When you practice it daily, it becomes a real tool for when those stressful days do come (and believe me they are coming). It has a different effect on everyone, but for me, it allows me to visualize the task/problem at hand and address it step by step in my mind, allowing me to make 10 steps before moving forward. Journaling is great because it allows me to see progress where it can be very easy to not notice your progress over the course of the year especially if it is as subtle as a different mindset you had from a year ago.

  3. “It’s far better for a man to go wrong in freedom, then to go right in chains”- Thomas Huxley reread by Mike Shinoda. Anyone that knows me knows this is what I am about. Risk it for the biscuit baby! I’ve never been one to take what society has traditionally laid out for us. I will challenge every aspect and everyone, asking why they do what they do and what are they looking to achieve. I will never say I have it all figured out but I’ll be damned if I’m not trying every single day.


This book is recommended for anyone, literally anyone, that wants to learn more and live more. There are so many amazing takeaways from this book that will impact everyone differently. I have another book just from note taking of this one.



Still reading Principles and Crossing the Chasm. Stay tuned!




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