BOTM: Principles by Ray Dalio

“If you’re not failing, you’re not pushing your limits”

BOTM is Principles by Ray Dalio! Fantastic read about life and work principles that attempt to get to what the truth is instead of just being right. Some of his writing and practices seem somewhat controversial as they tend to be against the norm and may seem as lacking emotional qualities (which humans are by nature). This book attempts help you answer what your principles are and how to write them. Many of us have a sense of what our principles might be but can lose track of them in the thousands of decisions we need to make daily. Creating goals based on your principles will make your everyday decisions easier and help steer them in the right direction. The older we get and further into the workforce we become, these decisions become increasingly challenging. Something I was struggling with was acknowledging what my principles are and steering the ship in that direction instead of trying absolutely everything I am remotely interested in. This is great when you are brand new into living your own life with your own budget outside of your parents house but this focus should become narrower towards the goals you are seeking to achieve.

A great example of this is weighing first order consequences more than second and third. Looking at working out; first order consequences are that it takes time out of my day and can be uncomfortable. Second order consequence is losing weight, third is living longer and having a higher quality of life/health.

This book is recommended for anyone looking to narrow their focus in life and help make those everyday decisions lean more towards this focus. Creating habits and measurable goals is a highly productive practice that I can’t emphasize enough!

Next BOTM: Crossing the Chasm (still working on it!)

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