How Bitcoin Changed My Life

Many of you that know me are aware I am very fond of cryptocurrencies and how they are changing the economy of the world. I first acquired Bitcoin October 31st 2016 at the grand value of $705.57 (current value as I type this is $11,006.78). What intrigued me was not only the investment opportunity but the way people interact with the currency.

The Bitcoin conversation first started in 2016 with my good friend, director and Enriched Studios owner Richard Kilpatrick. We continously heard Bitcoin being tossed around in conversation with others who had invested a significant amount and were seeing incredible returns. Richard was focused on the technical aspect of the currency, how to mine it, how to store it, risks associated, etc. I focused on the viability of it, what our options were and how to convert this into a significant business or at least profitable gains.

We began mining Bitcoin mid 2016 and switched to Ethereum (another cryptocurrency) in early 2017 due to our knowledge of Ethereum Alliance and its potential gains. I began buying and trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple mid 2017 as personal investments and to see if it would fund an early mini retirement. I primarily use the most secure and supported site Coinbase (linked above) to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum.

I encourage anyone with any interest to look into the crypto market and find out for yourself what kind of options are available for you. Trying to keep this post fairly short, feel free to shoot me a message for more details of my crypto journey!

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