Top 5 Lessons I Learned From Being On the Road For Six Months

I quit my job in July of 2017 and travelled the world while meeting tons of new people and learning a thousand valuable life lessons that I will try and sum up into 5 learning experiences. This will be broken up into individual posts as these can be a little lengthy (and more content!)

Lesson 1: Just Learn

I was constantly learning. This is in the form of reading, listening, and hearing what people have to say. Every second you are talking, is a second you are not learning. Shut up and listen to what people have to say. Learn from someone younger than you, poorer than you, more inexperienced than you. Practice ‘radical open-mindedness’ (Ray Dalio) and you will be amazed at what people think, feel and want to share. Always have a radically open mind!

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