Lesson 5: Know Your Circle. Top 5 Lessons I Learned From Being On the Road For Six Months

I quit my job in July of 2017 and travelled the world while meeting tons of new people and learning a thousand valuable life lessons that I will try and sum up into 5 learning experiences. This will be broken up into individual posts as these can be a little lengthy (and more content!)

Lesson 5: Know Your Circle!

You will be amazed at how great it is to have a tight friends circle. Not knowing (or expecting) how anyone would accommodate me or my dog, it was a huge relief to have a place to stay and dog sitters in my city. My home is always open to everyone and I would never expect the same in return, but my gosh was it incredible to always feel welcome. Not having brothers or sisters, friends are incredibly important in my life and I am very proud of my friends and what they are accomplishing.

Happy and safe travels, learn, explore, take risks, learn, learn, and have fun.

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