Audio BOTM: Originals by Adam Grant

September 5, 2018

“When we use the logic of consequence, we can always find reasons not to take risks.”


I’ve been wanting to check this book off the list for a while and Adam Grant did not disappoint! Originals is a fantastic read about non-conformity, going against the status quo and outdated traditions. From the silver lining of procrastination to food tasting better when you eat with others, Grant dives into the patterns, processes and reasons why some “originals” become successful while others get trapped in the mouse wheel of life. My biggest take away was shifting risk preferences of character changing based on the individual you are talking to. Example; if you know someone that doesn’t want to change, emphasize the risk of not changing. “If you don’t stop spending money needlessly, you’ll never achieve your goal of buying your dream house.” Versus someone that is willing to change, you emphasize the rewards of changing. “If you start saving now, you’ll be able to afford your dream house in now time!” Very little changes in language can affect how your message is perceived and the impact it has.


I would recommend this book to those with a lot of ideas, want to figure out why it can be a good idea to procrastinate or anyone generally interested in bettering themselves based on previous successful people and scientific studies!




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