Guest BOTM: Own the Day, Own Your Life by Aubrey Marcus

Quote: “Go, hero, go!”

You ever heard, “approach life one day at a time”? Well, how about OWNING your life one day at time! In Own the Day, Own Your Life, Aubrey Marcus prescribes the most optimal day ever. This book is a field guide of the health habits and tools Aubrey used to achieve massive success, both physically, emotionally, and financially. He offers advice backed by solid science on how to wake better, eat better, work better, sleep better, and even sex better. SEX!!!!

Here’s my summary of the book, along with some of my personal experiences of adopting these ideas into my daily life. If you are in a hurry I have emboldened the main points of each chapter. Enjoy.



Chapter 1: Get your sleepy butt up and chug two glasses of lemon water with Himalayan sea salt to replenish your minerals and liquids lost at night. Next, go towards the light! Get moving: preferably outside and in the sunshine to let your circadian rhythm know that it’s day time and you’re ready for action.

Chapter 2: If you’re not awake yet, you will be, because it’s time for a COLD SHOWER! Aubrey gives a quick description on how to do magical Wim Hoff breaths, which help you withstand cold temperatures! (Look up Wim Hoff, the dude has broken records for surviving in icy water.) Aubrey isn’t a total animal, though: he starts his showers off warm and then ends with the coldest water he can handle. I do the same and let me tell you, it works. It will stimulate you, improve immunity, and get your blood flowing.

Chapter 3: This chapter turns the Standard American Diet (SAD) breakfast recommendation on its head by advising that you should eat a fat and protein rich breakfast. Fats and proteins give more sustained energy, whereas a bowl of cereal is more akin to smoking crack every morning: You get a big sugar rush and then go crashing down. So gorge on avocado, chia seeds, or even lightly cooked bacon to start your day on a more grounded note.

Chapter 4: If you think Aubrey wasn’t going to recommend supplements, then you don’t know Aubrey Marcus! The guy runs a dietary supplement company. It’s not shady, but it could help make you slim. He recommends supplementing your diet with greens, probiotics, B vitamins, krill oil, and vitamin D. You can get these from Onnit or any store that sells supplements.

Chapter 5: Finally it’s time to go to work! Turn off the dumb tunes and learn something on your commute by listening to a dope podcast. Aubrey Marcus has a podcast, by the way. He doesn’t plug it in this chapter, but I thought you should know that I listen to and like it.


Chapter 6: Time to work, but first: coffee. In this chapter Aubrey tells us his favorite plants to get him into that workflow zone. He likes plants with caffeine, such as coffee beans and Huperzia serrata (In his supplement Alpha Brain), and tobacco. Wait, tobacco!? Yes, he uses a less toxic form of tobacco that you put in your gum called Swedish Snus. After reading this, I had to try some and accidentally used too much. BAM! I was couch-locked and felt ready to puke. I now snus it up with a smaller dosage and find it to be quite mentally stimulating.

Chapter 7: Time to work!!! Know your mission, and own your work space… right up to the scent. Aubrey uses scented oils to get in the zoneand let it know that it’s time to get sh*t done! Finally, say ‘no’ to distractions, turn that phone off, and prioritize your tasks.

Chapter 8: Eat a weird, albeit healthy, lunch. That’s it. Find some exotic new food, and enjoy. This will diversify your gut and give your body some fun new nutrients to play with. My favorite weird lunch is something with fermented kimchi or canned oysters. Avoid fast food: it’s just not weird enough.

Chapter 9: Nap Time!!! It’s perfectly natural to feel sleepy in the afternoon. Don’t fight it, let yourself take that siesta, you’ll be much more productive if you do. If you can’t relax, try listening to binaural beats found on Youtube. They will change your brainwaves to a more relaxed states. Currently my naps are only twenty minutes long, and I wake up feeling refreshed.

Chapter 10: Training time! Aubrey likes to hit the gym after work and do exercises that prioritize mobility, strength, and flexibility. His favorite tools are the steel mace and kettlebell. Both are available at


Chapter 11: Time to wind down after work. That means socializing, playing music, games, drinking wine, and even taking a puff of the good stuff. ;-)

Chapter 12: By now you have owned most of your day, so it’s time to celebrate with a frickin’ FEAST! Aubrey recommends carbs with this meal to wind down, and also foods that promote sexual appetite, like beets (they increase nitric oxide and improve blood flow).

Chapter 13: SEXY TIME!!!!! Aubrey dives into how he improved his sex life by using his mouth… to converse and let his partner know his preferences and vice versa. Good sex is good for the soul.


Chapter 14: Turn off your devices and block that blue light. Blue light from screens blocks your melatonin production. Before Aubrey turns his electronics off he checks his emails/messages and stars the ones he needs to get to in the morning. Next he relaxes with some TV, while wearing stylish orange-tinted glasses. My girlfriend thinks they’re sexy.

Chapter 15: Sleepy time. Make sure your room is cool and that you are sleeping on your side. You sleep in 90 minute cycles. Aim to get about 5 cycles a night and 35 per week. You can catch up on sleep, so if you only get 2 cycles one night, you have time to get that 35/week goal.


Chapter 16: Now that you have the physical tools, it’s time for the mental ones. You need a set of ethos, a code to live by. You also need forgive yourself for when you break that code. Aubrey says to accept that perfection is a myth, but also get back on your horse when you fall off. Find support and people to hold yourself accountable as you set out to own your day, and own your life!!!!

Thank you for reading my first book of the month and thanks to Mike for giving me this opportunity! I hope you found this summary helpful, and I encourage you to read the book yourself. Aubrey is pretty funny and I read this book fast because of it. Now go and own your life!!!!

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