BOTM: Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins

February 17, 2019



“You are in danger of living a life so comfortable and soft, that you will die without ever realizing your true potential.” 


I first heard of David Goggins though the Joe Rogan podcast. His list of accomplishments are impressive but it’s really his journey there that captivates you. Being from an incredibly abusive household, having nothing, given nothing and rising above every challenge given to him and then seeking higher challenges on top of that. “Hardening your mind” is the thought process behind this. If you continue to live a comfortable life, you will never experience the true value and wonders life has to offer and at the same time, will never see your true potential. 


We wake up each morning with a choice of what we are going to make of ourselves today. The majority of us clock in and out of life, just as if it is a shitty job you hate. But it’s not, it is your life and you have the ability to change, adapt and challenge yourself on a daily basis. But it will not be easy. Repeat, IT WILL NOT BE EASY! It’s not meant to be. 


Goggins on the Joe Rogan podcast instantly became my go to running podcast on repeat for about 6 months. We are capable of doing much more than we think but our brains want this comfortable zone because that is where survival is, finding the path of least resistance. If everything is OK now, what is the point of getting uncomfortable, getting stressed, straining relationships, etc? If you want a life you’ve never had, you have to do things you’ve never done. Doing things you’ve never done is hard, scary, failure prone and scary.


Goggins started in an abusive household, racist neighborhoods, and degrading school environments. Very little to no escape.  


The “accountability mirror”. Sticking goals around the outside of the mirror along with steps needed to take to accomplish them. This is a similar action that is seen with multiple successful people, whether it be goal setting, journaling, writing down your experience and your wants and taking decisive actions. 


Visualizing success. Goggins would picture what success looks like for the particular challenge he is seeking to overcome. Even as far as picturing the hill you will sit on after you finish your first marathon, if that what it takes to picture yourself and your victory. 


Get ready to feel alone. On this journey, people will ostracize you, try to make you feel weird, an outsider, strange, and that’s because you will be. And that is OK. You have to do what’s best for you and not what everyone else is doing. Being “normal” is being average.  


I would recommend listening to this book on audio book as Goggins digs into stories and gives extensive inputs on his thought process on different parts of his history. This book is also recommended for anyone going through difficult times or anyone looking to really get outside of their comfort zone and accomplish actions beyond your beliefs! 





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