BOTM: You Go Girl by Sharon Davison

“The consequences of some risky behaviors are definitely not worth the dangers. But in small doses, risk-taking is good for mental health.”

This is an incredibly special BOTM for me as I know the author personally. I first met Sharon in an interview with Red Sky. She was the current owner and grilled me in the interview process. Sharon was the best boss ever. She deeply cared for her employees and always tried to find a way to make it work best for her employees and her business. I had the great fortune of spending a good amount of time with Sharon on multiple projects and traveling through Texas for a mini road show. I was able to see first hand some of the stories Sharon mentions in this book and it was a delight reading about some of the other stories I hadn’t heard of.

Sharon opened my eyes to multiple dimensions in life that I was not aware of. Starting with books and reading. If it weren’t for Sharon, I probably wouldn’t be writing these reports. She shared her mini office library with me and opened my eyes to a portion of why successful people are successful. Learning. You aren’t born with the inherent knowledge of how to run a business. It is through education, mentorship and building your tribe that all plays into your personal and financial success in life. Sharon would drop books on my desk, either as a way to declutter hers or if she thought a book would suit me well. (still not sure sometimes) I would happily dive into the book, take a few pointers with me and be eager to use this new knowledge in life or in work.

The second dimension she showed me was absolute hard work. Now I’m not talking about handling and executing multiple projects at the same time while running a business. I’m talking about putting out fires on the phone, while prepping for a meeting on her laptop as we hurdle down a Houston highway in torrential rain on a Sunday evening. And that was just how she rolled. Whatever it takes to get done, she’ll do it.

The third was humbleness. Sharon was never too “big” or “important” to do any task in the office or the work place. She would empty the dishwasher, clean up the office, or do smaller tasks on projects that were well below her pay grade, because if she saw something that needed to be done, she would do it.

Reading this book was an absolute pleasure. I reached out to Sharon monthly asking when the book will be ready as I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Sharon paints a brutally honest picture of what it takes to fail, succeed, lose, win, fall down and get back up in entrepreneurship. And the most important step is getting back up again. Life lessons in business are tough since every circumstance, business and opportunity is different for everyone. But there are lessons that transcend every industry and owner no matter what the situation is.

Being a Leader, Money Matters, and Going Above and Beyond were chapters that really hit home for me. Each chapter has a great message and anecdotal story to go along with it. Sharon is open and self critical in every aspect. As a budding entrepreneur, there’s no doubt you’ll find stories in here you will directly relate to.

I would recommend listening to this book to anyone looking to get into business, especially female entrepreneurs! You go girl!

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