Audio BOTM: Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

March 17, 2019



“Being chosen is the greatest gift you can give to another human being.”


I was very excited to read this book as soon as I heard of it. Comedian? Self narrated? And from South Africa?? This is going to be good.


Noah’s book was a pleasant surprise as I expected it to be about his success as a comedian and coming to America. But the reality is, this book is everything that Noah went through as a child in post-apartheid South Africa and his relationship with his mother.  This read is so much fun as it jumps around from early childhood to early 20s to teenage and so forth. 


Finding the humor in hard situations is something I can relate to, most people that know me will attest that I laugh at everything to the point that people think I’m laughing at them when I’m not (but sometimes I am). This was best depicted at the very end of the book after his mother was shot in the head and she tells him “I guess you are the prettiest one in the family now”.


Noah talks about how language can unite and separate people in so many ways. Whether it’s just helping out someone that is lost, building a relationship or being the bridge that gaps different communities. I have seen firsthand how someone can have their guard up but when you talk their language (be it French or even just a dialect of English), they will put their guard down as an “okay, you’re one of us”. This is a natural defense mechanism for self-preservation, so the more languages you know, the more you’ll be accepted!


Noah also goes into the types of churches he had to attend and how each of them served a different purpose; white, black and colored church. The best part of this was his negotiations with his mom on why they should skip church for their car breaking down.

Noah: “Looks like Jesus doesn’t want us to go to church today and perhaps we should rest”

Mom: “No, this is a test of our faith, this means that we really need to go”

Noah: “But what if it is not and we are disobeying Jesus by challenging the message he is trying to send us?”


This is a must read for pure entertainment and just to see a whole new perspective on life and perseverance on tough situations. I believe in finding the humor in every situation and this book perfectly encapsulates that!




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