BOTM: Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

“The box isn't all that different from life. If you go in with fear, fear is what you'll find.”

Why I chose this book:

I had forgotten a book to read at the park and this book was handed to me to fill the void. As many of you know, I typically stay away from fictions but I began to have second thoughts. A very big part of business is story telling. In fact you could argue that it might be one of the most important aspects when getting your business off the ground. So I decided to switch it up and learn about some great story telling and I'll happily let you know, I was not disappointed.


If you have ever been curious of the life you could've had (probably everyone), this book explores that option. If you are wondering what your life could've been like if you did x instead of y, would it be possible if there was another you in a parallel universe that wonders what your life would've been like if you did y instead of x?


This book explores that thought of "the grass is always greener" and if you had a clone, would you be able to outsmart yourself. It takes a scientific approach to problem solving and it's very enjoyable watching the protagonist solve his way out of and into various scenarios.


This is a fantastic and engaging read for anyone into science fiction and inter-dimensional travel. It really reminded me of a Rick and Morty scenario and simply has the reader hooked from the very beginning.

Recommended for:

This book is for anyone that enjoys a mystery until the end and might feel unsure of their own path and decisions you made in the past.

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