OverBooked: Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

June 12, 2019


“Comparison is the death of joy, and the only person you need to be better than is the one you were yesterday.” 


Why I chose this book: 


I overheard Rachel Hollis’ audiobook on a car ride and really enjoyed her style and reality she shared of her life. I began to realize most of my books are from male authors and I was missing a significant female opinion of entrepreneurship, so this book seemed like a great addition. 




Hollis takes us on the journey of how she started as an event planner that loved to write and how her blog blew up. The best part is when she goes into great detail of her emotional states and coping mechanisms that I have never heard from the male perspective even though we all have it.  She has great feedback for improving what can be very negative self-talk and getting selective feedback from your various circles. 



  • If you don’t picture and believe in your own success, it’s near impossible to obtain it 

  • Everyone has their own struggles, no matter how perfect their social media feeds may seem 

  • Be honest with yourself and your spouse as far as relationship expectations 

  • Clean up your self talk 

  • It’s okay to have emotions, give yourself a healthy channel to allow them  



Hollis’ brutal honesty kept me engaged the entire book. Her view point as a white, Christian, female is vastly different from my own and getting to know her perspective opened my eyes up to different pressures I assume people like her don’t have. 


Recommended for: 


This book is written for women but should also be read by men. Men read this book. 


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