OverBooked: Think Like a Freak by Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner

“The key to learning is feedback. It is nearly impossible to learn anything without it.”

Why I chose this book:

I stumbled upon this book in Audible and have been a big fan of Freakonomics for a while.


Just like the Freakonomics podcast, this book summarizes the hidden reasons humans do the things they do. They demonstrate wonderful examples of just how weird and twisted human nature is from kicking penalty kicks at the world cup to creating at least 3 hours a week of doing nothing.


  • If you want to create an incentive, don't assume people will do the right thing

  • Take time out of your week to do absolutely nothing

  • Put away your moral compass when solving a problem


This is a very great short read (highly recommend the audiobook) to just get a fun insight into human nature and all of its screwed up misconceptions.

Recommended for:

This book is for anyone curious about human psychology and how it affects the world and if you're a big fan of Freakonomics.

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