OverBooked: Blue - The Color of Noise by Steve Aoki

October 29, 2019

“There is a truth of what I’ve been told. There is a truth of what I’ve lived. There is a truth of what I’ve remembered.” 


Why I chose this book:  

No one really knows they hear Steve Aoki, but somehow he shows up. Whether it’s a remix to your favorite Jackson 5 song, his latest Netflix documentary or even his pizza chain, Aoki will find you. I decided to read this book since I watched the Netflix documentary and love the hustle this guy has.  



Steve has had a complicated life. Growing up in the shadow of his father Rocky Aoki, the founder of Benihana and adrenaline dare devil. He was never given any money from his family and found it tough fitting in as a kid, music was the escape. There is no secret sauce to Steve’s success, he simply worked his ass off and created meaningful connections along the way. He never meant to DJ, but one free gig turned into $50 one which turned into $100 one and you know the rest.  



  • Be a good person 

  • Work your ass off until people think you’re insane  

  • Make meaningful connections along the way 

  • Immerse yourself in your craft 


Recommended for: 

Anyone in the music scene or curious about a musicians upbringing. 


Additional Resources: 



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