OverBooked: Like A Virgin by Richard Branson

"Only a fool never changes his mind"

Why I chose this book:

Richard Branson is a polarizing figure and often seen as the opposite of other shrewd billionaire titans, as sort of adrenaline hippie with a ton of money. He's a great story teller and I can see myself doing something similar as I have a million ideas that fall into almost any industry, similar to the Virgin companies. All I need is a billion dollars?


This entire book consists of audience questions and Bransons answers followed by many of his philosophies. He doesn't take a complicated approach to business at all, do good, be good, treat people well and have fun really summarizes everything.


- An unhappy customer will tell 10 people about their experience while a happy one will tell 4

- Look 2-3 years in the future of your company at best

- Treating your employees right will result in treating your customers great will result in higher return on investment for shareholders.

Recommended for:

Anyone interested Branson's principles and running a business extremely hands off.

Additional Resources:

- Virgin Group

- NY Times Article on Richard Branson

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