OverBooked: Dare to Lead by Brené Brown

"Courage over comfort"

Why I chose this book:

I've listened to Brené Brown's TED Talk and Netflix special, and what she talks about can be applied to essentially all interactions with people.


This book is a combination of useful practices, tools and tips for handling what might be every human interaction in the world that is possible. Brown also throws in a handful of personal experiences of running her business and discussions she has with her family. Her openness and honesty make for great everyday examples that I have already started to apply to my own life.


- Most often the story you are telling yourself does not match the other persons story you are in conflict with

- Avoid saying "I'm sorry" when something bad happens to someone

- Building a relationship is like adding marbles to a jar one by one. It's all of the little situations that make a difference collectively.

Recommended for:

This book should be taught in every high school and college. Essential for relationship building and management

Additional Resources:

- Call To Courage Netflix Special

- The Power of Vulnerability TED Talk

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