OverBooked: The Ride of a Lifetime by Robert Iger

“Empathy is a prerequisite to the sound management of creativity, and respect is critical.”

Why I chose this book:

I was listening to Robert Iger's interview with Tim Ferriss when he mentioned his book. It's the curious life of a fortune 500 CEO and he gives a respectable in depth approach to how he got to where he is and why he made decisions he did.


This book gives a broad overview to how Iger rose to the position as Disney CEO and what kind of work ethic and politicking it takes to get there. He has an incredible day to day schedule and meets with the most powerful people in the world.


- There is a specific dedication and grind needed to be in a position as Iger

- Decisions have to be made and you will often be criticized no matter what choice is made. This is amplified at the CEO level

- This is a great example of old school working your way to the top (which might not be an option anymore)

Recommended for:

Anyone interested in biographies

Additional Resources:

- Tim Ferriss and Bob Iger Interview

- Bob Iger resigns from Disney

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