OverBooked: Rental Property Investing by Brandon Turner

March 29, 2020

“Real Estate investing is recession proof"


Why I chose this book:

I've been into real estate investing since 2011 after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad. After years of doing research, I stumbled upon the Bigger Pockets podcast. The podcast lead me to this book.



This book is fantastic and gives an in depth approach from finding deals to how to find the right inspector and breaks down everything in between and different types of real estate investing.



- If your inspector doesn't find a laundry list of issues on the property, get a new inspector

- You won't find any deals if you're not putting offers out

- There's a million types of ways to invest, find the way that works best for you and become the best at it


Recommended for:

People ready to start real estate investing


Additional Resources:

- Bigger Pockets Podcast

- My favorite house flipper Kara Beckmann




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