OverBooked: Idea Man by Paul Allen

“To get past the conceptual stage, ideas need to become your crusades"

How I read this book:


Why I chose this book:

Unknowingly I joined the same fraternity Paul Allen was in while he was in unversity, Phi Kappa Theta at Washington State University. I had the pleasure of meeting and shaking his hand when he was in Pullman dedicating a new building. Before this moment, I hadn't heard much of Paul Allen, and quickly discovered the impact he's had on the planet and very specifically Seattle.


Allen is lifetime learner, developing projects and ideas around music, arts and science across all of Washington State and much of the US. He is quick to admit that a lot of things had to go right for him to be in the position he ended up in; being born in a tech forward region, having the education forward parents, being upper middle class and having met Bill Gates.

This is the most ideal entrepreneur story that many of us aim for. Ride and be the leader of a technological wave while having fun and becoming a billionaire with your childhood friend that you could write movies about. This makes for an easy read.


- Even being in the right place and time, with the right means and family is going to take grit, hustle and constant learning.

- People that are constantly interested in society and all of what it has to offer will live a meaningful life

- Find what interests you and become the best at it. Look at what this interest might look like and 5 years and be the person that owns that space.

Recommended for:

Entrepreneurs and anyone interested in biographies

Additional Resources:

- Paul Allen Wikipedia

- Paul Allen's website

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