OverBooked: The Sixth Man by Andre Iguadala

“The obsessive focus is where I feel most like myself"

How I read this book:


Why I chose this book:

This book was recommended to me on Instagram. Growing up playing basketball, some of these stories brought me back to playing from traveling to being exhausted in workouts.


Iguadala takes you through his childhood and learnings on and off the court from high school to the NBA. He breaks down the economics of college and NBA ecosystems and how young players bodies are being exchanged for dollars and marketing for the university. He highlights the difficult spot players are often put in during interviews when the press is cornering you looking for a story and the sweat hasn't even dried and you're exhausted from the game you just played.


- People can have your best interest in mind as long as it aligns with what they need

- NBA players are much more than just basketball

- Black players in particular are scrutinized and often told to "just stick to basketball" not allowed to have an opinion outside of the sport.

Recommended for:

Sports and biography lovers

Additional Resources:

- Andre Iguadala Wikipedia

- Andre Iguadala's investments (CrunchBase)

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