OverBooked: Bad Blood by John Carreyrou

“A sociopath is often described as someone with little or no conscience."

How I read this book:


Why I chose this book:

I absolutely love stories of how people and companies come to be the way they are today. Some successes, some losses but altogether they make a great story and I remember hearing about this one when the news was breaking and I had to dive deeper.


This is a great example of wanting something so badly, faking it to you make it, and the trappings of success all in one great bundle. The growing pains for big tech are fixing the technology as adoption gains while also introducing new technology. This is not achievable in healthcare as lives become at risk and "faking it" becomes very dangerous. Elizabeth Holmes was caught faking blood tests, results and product development which lead to faulty diagnosis from doctors based on those results and endless lawsuits from Holmes trying to keep her secret. Sometimes you want something so badly you are willing to do and say anything to yourself and to others to make it feel true. This is, however a very one sided story and would love to hear Holme's take on her current situation.


- Insulating yourself from reality is dangerous

- When you find yourself in "never wrong" situations, you might want to question yourself and those around you

- Loyalty goes as deep as the promised outcome, with no outcome, there's no loyalty

Recommended for:

People that love podcasts such as How I Built This and generally into the art entrepreneurship

Additional Resources:

- Elizabeth Holmes Wikipedia

- Business Insider Article on Theranos

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